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What to expect

Sunday Gatherings 9am & 11am

We get it – checking out a church is intimidating. How do I dress? When do I stand and sit? What is that? Why are they doing that?! And where are the bathrooms?

It can feel like a lot of pressure just walking through the door. You don’t need to feel that way at Brookside. Please, just relax and come as you are. You’ll probably sit in someone else’s “regular seat”.  You won’t be quite sure where the “best” parking spots are. And you won’t know many people by name. But it doesn’t matter. We’re all just humans at various points along the journey.

Take a deep breath, take a step, and we’ll figure it out together.

Sunday mornings at Brookside are buzzing with life and hope. We aim to have interactive and exciting Sunday gatherings that help you take a step toward Jesus.  We bring together contemporary live worship music with insightful biblical teaching, all while doing our best to keep it accessible and relevant. The gathering usually goes about 75 minutes.

There is a kids program during the service for those aged 3 through Grade 5 – one group for the pre-school set, and another for the older kids. We have a check in / check out process for children that are taking part, so it’s a good idea to take care of that on your way in – just look for the blue check-in cart in the lobby. But your kids will stay with you for the first part of the service. Part way through, they will be invited to head out for Brookside Kids.

There is a staffed nursery for the tinier ones, and it is in the room right next to the service. Your infant will be safe and well taken care. There is a check in process here, too, that one of our nursery workers can help you with.

We do “receive an offering” during the service by passing a plate. We believe that sacrificial giving toward fulfilling the values that we share is part of what defines a group of Christ followers. But we don’t lay guilt trips, we don’t spend a lot of time talking about it, and we definitely don’t expect folks who are checking things out to participate in this part of the Sunday service. 

And just to make sure we have all the bases covered, there is coffee. After the service, things get pretty busy around our “Coffee Corner”. It’s a great opportunity to connect with a couple of people while hiding safely behind your cup. 

And if you’re ever unsure of something, just look for one of the folks wearing the name tags – they might have the answer, and if they don’t, they probably know who will. Or you can look for The Hub – the big teal wall in the lobby. You’ll find more info there about what’s going at Brookside.

So that’s the scoop. Why not check out Sundays at Brookside and see what God might be wanting to do in your life?