The Great Exchange – Part 2 – His Betrayal, Our Acceptance

Sermon by Lucas Roberts – Sunday, April 2, 2023

What happens when betrayal is willingly endured so that someone else will be accepted? Sound complicated? Let’s find out how that works.

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This week’s Main Idea

This week, we’re looking at how Jesus reacted to his betrayal, arrest and interrogation. What we find is that, even though he knew all the challenges that he was about to face, he trusted in God’s will and in his identity and showed grace and mercy throughout. We’ll unpack what grace and mercy are. Grace is getting a gift you don’t deserve. Mercy is not getting the punishment you deserve. Jesus gave himself over to the guards when they didn’t deserve that. He surrendered himself at that moment. And during his interrogation, he didn’t give the high priests and officers what they did deserve. What we come to understand is that Jesus’ reaction to his betrayal and arrest reflects God’s response to us. He accepts us and gives us mercy and grace when we truly don’t deserve it.


Scripture: John 13:1-5, John 13:21-22, John 18:1-6John 13:1-5, John 13:21-22, John 18:1-6, Luke 22:47-51, Romans 3:23-25, Matthew 26:37-44.


Lucas went on a funny tangent about Olive Garden this week. What are some food-related stories from your walk with Christ? Maybe a funny thing that happened at a meal at church, or maybe a heartwarming story of breaking bread with brothers and sisters in Christ?


  1. Read John 13:1-5.

Jesus knew what was coming, and what the disciples were going to do, and yet he still washed their feet. It can be very difficult to maintain an attitude of showing grace to others when going through difficult times, but what does Jesus’ example show us about how we should act even then? What are some ways in your life that you could show more grace?

  1. Read Luke 22:47-51, and John 21:15-19.

Jesus healed a man from the group that was going to arrest and torture him. He forgave Peter for disowning him. Take a moment to reflect on if there is someone in your life who you should forgive. Then discuss the connection between grace, mercy, and forgiveness. 

  1. Read Romans 3:23-25, and Matthew 26:37-44.

Jesus did not want to die, especially in such a horrible way. However, he knew his death was necessary for the ultimate act of mercy. Following his example, we should be merciful to others in our own lives, even when it is not easy. As we approach Easter Sunday, what’s an area of your life where you could be more merciful?     


What is God saying to you from His Word right now? What are you going to do about it?



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