Open Our Doors – Part 1 – Opening Our Doors to New People

Sermon by Greg MacRobbie – Sunday, May 28, 2023

Life Group Discussion Guide

Big Idea: One of the things we are good at as a church is opening our doors to new people. This is not
just a nice attribute of our church; it is a mission-critical necessity for any church family that wants to
survive and thrive in our world today.

The early church grew as quickly and as deeply as it did in part because they maintained a posture of
openness to new people, even when those new people came from the most suspicious of backgrounds.

NOTE: This is the second last Life Group Conversation Guide before we break for the summer. Don’t
forget to chat about what your plans are for the summer, etc.

Connect: What is the most memorable interaction you’ve had with someone of another culture or
language? Why was it memorable for you?

Scripture: Acts 9:1-31.


1. Read Acts 9:1-14.
Saul was the last person anyone in the church would have expected to see join the church and
become part of the movement. He was a notoriously passionate persecutor of the church!
a. Is there anyone you know who you have written off as “unreachable” by the good news?
b. Think of the story from Ananias’s point of view. Is there someone you are afraid to talk to about
spiritual things because of how you think they’ll react?

2. Read Acts 9:15-25.
Saul went from being the biggest obstacle for the church, to being the biggest contributor to the
mission of the church! His contributions are still influencing the church today!
a. What are some of the things would the church have been missing if Saul had not turned to
b. You were a new believer once. What difference have you made? What do you see as your
biggest role in your church family?
c. Can someone else in the group affirm another person’s contribution?

3. Read Acts 9:26-31.
Saul needed Barnabas to open the doors for him. The church was too afraid and too suspicious to let
Saul in without Barnabas’s endorsement.
a. Have you had a Barnabas in your life, someone who took you under their wing, encouraged you
and started you on a next step in your journey as a follower of Jesus? What kind of an impact
has that made in your life?

What is God saying to you from His Word right now? What are you going to do about it?



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