Day of Fasting and Prayer

September 14, 2023 from 11:00am-7:00pm

This is a drop-in style event where we take time out of our days to seek the Lord in prayer for our church and our community. We invite you to come to Brookside for however long you can, or take time out of your day to pray at home or work.

Below, you’ll find a series of prompts to help as you pray.


You are welcome to come alone, or with friends, or plan to meet friends at Brookside to pray together.

Talk to God as you feel most comfortable, standing, sitting, kneeling, talking out loud, praying quietly, alone or with others. You may want to “pray” Scripture, or sing.


Fasting is not about following a rigid set of rules but is used as a gentle reminder that we have decided to keep our focus on God during this time.

Fasting helps to remind us of our decision. Fasting may be a complete fast, that is, no food for a specific period of time, only drinking water. Or we may choose a “Daniel” fast and restrict certain foods or beverages (desserts, coffee etc.) for a period of time. Or we may “fast” from screen time for the day. Anything that will help us remember that we want to use this time to talk with God and strengthen our relationship with Him.


Prayer Promps


• Pray for every one of us to seek Jesus passionately, love one another sacrificially, and share the gospel boldly.
• Pray for wisdom, discernment, and strength for our pastor, elders, and all those in leadership roles. Ask God to bless their efforts and empower them to lead our church in alignment with His will.
• Pray for our ministry teams, including outreach, missions, children’s ministry, youth, Life Groups, Engagement, Disciple making, Welcome, Follow Up, etc.
• Pray for people experiencing health, relational, or financial pressures.


• Pray for the well-being and spiritual awakening of our neighbours.
• Ask God to guide our hearts and actions as we seek to be a source of love and blessing in our community.
• Pray for open doors and people of peace we can partner with to serve our community more effectively.


• Praise God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, for His grace, love, mercy, wisdom, etc.…
• Thank God for blessing us daily with life, health, hope, and meaning.
• Thank the Lord for the Church, and the blessing of being adopted into it.


• Let’s seek God’s guidance for the future of our church. Pray for clarity in our vision, unity among our people, and a spirit of innovation and unity to reach those around us.
• Pray for a growing trust in God’s plan for our church and ask for His guidance as we move toward the vision he has given us.
• Pray for the construction project proposal as it goes to the city for review and consideration. Pray that God will reveal and energize His will for this project.