Online Giving

Online giving at Brookside is done by eTransfer.

Giving by eTransfer is quick, easy, and flexible. It can be configured to automate your giving so you don’t forget. It can be synced to your pay periods. And even better, in most cases, there is no service fee to use this mechanism (but verify this with your bank and your account package).

Different banks use different wording and interfaces to perform eTransfers, but generally speaking, they tend to have the same capabilities. Here’s how to do it.

  1. If this is your first time giving to Brookside by eTransfer, please start by sending us an email to Include in this email your name and full mailing address. This will help with tracking and delivery of your income tax receipt.
  2. Log into your online banking website.
  3. Before giving to Brookside through eTransfer for the first time, you will also need to set up a destination for your giving. Look for an option to add an eTransfer payee. It may be referred to as an “Interac eTransfer payee”, an “eTransfer recipient”, or something else along those lines.
    • You will typically be asked for a name for the payee. Use something that will help you easily remember what this is for, for example “Brookside Giving”.
    • You will need to enter an email address as a contact method. Use
    • We have configured things so that givings are automatically deposited. There will be no need to set up a security question and response with this form of eTransfer.
  4. If you have completed the payee set up, you can move on to actually performing the giving transaction. Look for an option like “transfer funds” or “send money”.
    • You will be asked for the account you want to pay from.
    • You will be asked for who you want the money to go to. Select the payee you set up in step 3.
    • You will be asked for the amount you want to send.
    • You can also include a message. This is not necessary, but if you wish to designate part of your donation to the Special Missions Project Fund or the Compassion (Benevolent) Fund, you can indicate the amount and the fund in that message box.
    • If you just want to perform a one-time gift, you can go ahead and click the submit button.
  5. You also have the option of setting up recurring giving. Depending on your financial institution, you can select different frequency options, like monthly on a specific date every two weeks lining up with your pay date, etc. This allows you to set up the eTransfer and let it take care of itself. You can usually specify a number of times for a gift to recur, or set it to recur until a specific date. There are a lot of flexible and convenient options you may wish to make use of here.