Life Groups Sign Up

Let us know you want to be part of a Life Group or just that you want to find out more.

A Life Group is basically a group of people who get together consistently and intentionally to grow in their relationships with each other and in their connection to God. They might be existing friends or they might start out as total strangers. But they are all seeking something more that the typical status quo.

Life Groups are one way of “doing life together”. It can be hard to develop significant relationships without being specifically intentional about it. Life Groups are not merely a weekly Bible study. In Life Groups, real relationships are developed through a variety of shared experiences. We have a mixed slate that includes studying what the Bible says about the most recent sermon at Brookside, serving as a group in ways that meet real needs in our community, and just having fun together.

Each group has its own flavour and meets in a different part of town. If you are interested in checking out Life Groups to see if it’s a good fit for you, let us know!

Life Group 101 is an online option for those who don’t feel that they can fully commit to a real Life Group experience right now. Come together on Tuesday nights online and meet with others who are looking for connection. You do not have to register, and can come as you like using the link circulated in the Brookside Brief email newsletter. It’s not a substitute for Life Groups, but it may fit better with where you are at right now.