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Explore what Life Groups are all about

We periodically run Exploring Life Groups, a short 3 week session to help introduce what Life Groups are all about, where you can experience a little bit of how they operate. You can indicate below if you would like to be contacted for the next session!

Let us know you want to be part of a Life Group or just that you want to find out more.

Jesus didn’t call us to attend a church service.

He called us to become more like him. And to help others do that as well.

And he called us to do that in community with others.

You need people around you to help you help you become more like Jesus. People to do life together with.

Life Groups are a great way to do that, to join with others who are trying to become more like Jesus.

If you are just attending a service, you are missing out on what being part of Brookside is all about. Find your group of people to do life with, to become more like Jesus with. We can help with that!

Let us know you want to Explore Life Groups!