Kidz Choir

Kidz Choir

Here at Brookside, we believe in pouring into the next generation of creative young people! The Kidz Choir is for children Senior Kindergarten to 6th Grade. We teach them a theatrical musical based on the Bible which they invite you to come and see twice a year.

The Kids Choir meets every Tuesday night 6:30 – 8:00pm.

Fall Term

Sept 12: Kidz Choir Starts

Sept 26: Tryouts for individual parts

Oct 3: Tryouts for individual parts

Nov 25: Saturday practice 1-4 pm

Dec 2: Saturday practice 1-4 pm

Dec 3: Kidz Choir production 6:15 pm

Dec 5: Christmas party (end of term)


Christmas play is Jingle Bell Beach:

Once again it’s that time of year, when aspiring young vocal groups from all around the country make their way to JINGLE BELL BEACH for the famous Jingle Sing competition. Hosts Sandy and Sonny Pepperminter welcome the final contestants for this year’s competition: the Snowflakes, the Starfish, and the Electrons!

When a storm ruins the contestants’ plans for getting home in time for Christmas, things heat up to tidal wave proportions! The result? The announcement of a rare “Reindeer Rumble”…a spontaneous, on-the-spot song competition to determine the winner of this year’s event. In their eagerness to win the contest, it becomes clear that one of the contestants is struggling with his understanding of the meaning of Christmas. As the others share the story of Jesus, the spirit of competition quickly transforms into the wonderful spirit of Christmas! We are reminded that Christmas is about Emmanuel – God with us – and the Good News that Jesus came to be our Savior.

Winter/spring Term

Jan 16: Kidz Choir starts

Jan 30: Tryouts for individual parts

Feb 6: Tryouts for individual parts

April 14: Saturday practice 1-4 pm

April 21: Saturday practice 1-4 pm

April 22: Kidz Choir production 6:15 pm

April 24: End of year pyjama party

Spring play: Under the Sea in 3D

Dive into this release from best-selling children’s music creator Celeste Clydesdale! Join Jonas Joppa and the rest of the God Squad from Alleluia Aquatic Academy as they venture out in a submarine to learn more about God through His underwater world. Under Professor Gill’s direction, the students learn to navigate the sometimes murky waters of life by seeking God’s Word daily. Once they ask God to open their eyes, ears and hearts, they begin to realize the depth of God’s love for them. The song “Joyful Noise” features innovative 3D animation and is bound to make a splash with your students and the audience alike. So come along and experience Under God’s Sea in 3D!

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