Blueprints – Part 5 – A New Boldness

Sermon by Greg MacRobbie – Sunday, January 29, 2023

Obnoxious. Insensitive. Pushy. That’s what many of us think of where we imagine someone ‘sharing the gospel boldly’. But confidently demonstrating the grace and love of Jesus is very different from that.



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When I think of someone ‘sharing the gospel boldly’ it’s hard not to have thoughts of obnoxious or insensitive people pushing religion on others who don’t want to hear it. The early church experiences show us that this is far from the truth. As we find in Acts 3, sharing the gospel boldly doesn’t mean rudely, it means being intentional about demonstrating the love of Jesus to others, pointing them to Jesus when they ask why you’re being so gracious toward them, and helping them discern and take their next step toward Jesus.


SCRIPTURE: Acts 3, 1 Peter 3:15

If this is a study week in the rhythm of your group, discuss the questions below from this week’s teaching. Be sure to reserve time at the end of to pray.



How do we know that others love us? How do others know that we love them?




1. Demonstrating the love of Jesus
a. Read Acts 3:1-8

    i. Who is the beggar?
    ii. Who are the “beggars” today? How do we recognize them?

b. Acts 3:4-8
    i. The man was asking for a temporary fix – money. What did he receive instead?
    ii. Compare the difference between what he was asking for and what he received.
    iii. What did the lame man begin to do? What did he do when he realized he could walk?

2. Pointing people to Jesus
Read Acts 3:9-21, 1 Peter 3:15

a. How did Peter explain to the people the source of the miracle (vs.13-15) and how it came about (v.16) ? Although we may not perform miracles such as Peter and John did, how can we point people who are not believers to Jesus?

b. Share some stories of how you have pointed people in your circles of influence to Jesus?

3. Helping people take their next steps toward Jesus
Read Acts 3:19, 21–26
    i. What are the first steps an individual needs to take in following Jesus?
    ii. What should they do to mature in their relationship with the Lord? How can we help them?

4. Next Steps at Brookside
On Sunday, Greg explained what BBC offers to help people take the next step in following Jesus. (See below) Are you doing this? How can we help one another to do this?

NEXT STEPS AT BROOKSIDE: becoming aware of the faith, exploring faith, declaring faith (baptism), join the community of faith (Partnership), growing as a follower (consistent worship, connect to a group, serve on a team), growing as a disciple maker (Followers Made participant, Followers Made Host), and developing as a leader (if desired).



What is God calling you to do? What will you do about it this week?