Belong, Believe, Become

We hope that Brookside is a place where you can feel like you can belong, believe and become.


Community is really important to us. All kinds of people should be able to feel like they can be a part of the Brookside family, with all their diverse traits. We’re all a little weird in some way. But we should all feel like we are welcomed, accepted, and loved.


Development of our faith in Christ is integral to our goal of following him better. We want to build up our head knowledge and our heart knowledge of Jesus so that we can better serve him and love him. It’s seems simple, and yet it’s a lifelong journey. 


Jesus wants each of us to develop into the person he has designed us to be. Figuring out what the person looks like and taking the steps to become more like that person can be a challenge. But we know the reward is worth it. So we try to help each other figure it out.